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(MRI &/or X-Ray plus Lab data demonstrating irrefutable scientific comp corroborations of real therapeutic clinical regenerative – restorations)!

Dr. Dauer is an acclaimed world leader in the disruptive space of endogenous(Internally self-generated) healing stem cells. All of the stem cell production is via neuro-Macro to Micro- molecular technology APPS with all clinical successes arising from within a natural and super holistic medicine paradigm.

Medical research scientists (Richard Sarnat,MD & others) are “astounded”etc. by what clinical advances have been achieved specifically through Dr. Dauer type-employment of real-time weighted-algorithmic clinical case-troubleshooting- testing assessments. Accordingly we have simply employed holistic yet very specific personalized -precision medicine apps with every patient in need of advanced synergistic-foundational neuro-physiological therapeutics! Then too, and not uncommonly, many patients are actively searching for some kind of answer to their previously advancing elusive affliction(s)! Moreover, treating doctors have related to me that reportedly,“Certain aspects of your work is not being done anywhere else on the planet”.TO WIT;Exhibit#1: “Your quick clinical results with terminal pulmonary disease cases are absolutely incredible”.Exhibit #2: “Patient kidney transplant cases now have no need for surgeries after your holistic- type treatments”.Exhibit#3: A 22 year-old patient presenting mostly with severe traumatic residuals caused by trauma (5 bone fractures and a motorcycle helmet fracture), with resultant major concussive damage to the CNS (both Brain AND Spinal Cord).Patient was initially depressed both with severe pain and disability topped off with episodes of suicidal ideation (including threat of actually doing it!);“if your holistic work can not get me better”.

Fortunately, at discharge, he felt he was “95% better”!

Note, generally injury related: Moderate Sprains (fixed-up in one week); If severe injury (with/or w/o fractures)….usually 3 to 4 weeks! (typical of Dr. Dauer holistic injury work).

Thus,perhaps not surprisingly, the medical research doctors have labeled our therapeutic clinical results as “Astounding” and even termed them as a “Miraculous- Breakthrough-Phenomena” of “huge clinical significance”..... [due to CNS (Brain AND Spinal Cord) integrative AND generative-emphasis]: “Your treatment protocols seem to be readily and universally adaptable to almost any Malady and at any stage of severity”!!Yet, we don’t claim to “cure”&/or promise any outcome!!!

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