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The DDS Bio-Electro Therapy

Director Detoxification System  IS Bio-Electro therapy  ,The DDS Therapy for  deep oscillation is a new and effective approach to swelling and relieve pain in North America & china …, you probably have question.

What is DDS Bio-Electro Therapy ?

The DDS Bio-Electro therapy is Direct Detoxification System, this Deep Oscillation therapy piece of equipment is a revolutionary therapeutic device that can treat Swelling..relieve soft tissue pain…and help an injury recover faster the DDSTherapy works with a wide variety of health-related problems.

How does the DDS Bio-Electro Therapy works ?

The DDS Therapy makes use of a unique and safe alternating electrostatic field to very quickly –-pull up and down the tissues under the practitioner’s hands.The body parts that are powerfully affected include skin…muscle…blood vessels…and connective tissue. The low frequency electrostatic field generated by this Deep oscillation Therapy device creates a soft pulsating influence that can treat swelling..relieve soft tissue pain…and help an injury recover faster.

How Does the DDS treat swelling?

The DDS Therapy can quickly and effectively treat swelling duo to the rapid oscillations produced within the tissues contacted. These Deep oscillation therapy pulsations enhance the movement of lymph through the lymphatic system, reducing lymphedema in the area being treated. When lymph is drained out of a congested tissue region quicker, it will then reduce swelling in that body part.

DDS Therapy  treatmentcan quickly and effectively relive pain from muscle and connective tissues area (Such as joint)dues the fast and pronounced oscillations generated within the structures contacted. These Deep oscillation therapy pulsations tothree key actions: they help bring more blood to the region. Providing an increase of oxygen and nutrients to minimize pain from a local decrease of oxygen : they help break up excess fibrous tissue providing more pliability to minimize pain from restricted  movement; they help mobilize tissue substance involved with transmission of pain through the nervous system.

Are there any concerns with the DDS Therapy?

The DDS therapy is FDA approved and is one of the safe pieces of equipment available for the widest assortment of health related problems. This Deep Oscillation therapy device can be used in most clinical setting with a minimal amount of practitioner concern regarding precautions and contraindications.

The few areas of diligence would include:

*Current tumor location,* recent skin tears of burns, * areas of thrombosis (Blood clots)acute local *inflammation or infection*,pregnancy.

What can be treated with the DDS Therapy?

Respiration concerns :*Asthma*Bronchitis*Cystic Fibrosis*Post-surgical lung conditions.

Circulatory tissues :*Arterial hypertension*Disorders of venous Circulation.

Nerve problem :*hemorrhagic or ischemic insult*crania-cerebral injury*low back pain or spinal stenosis

*hip pain*sciatica*stiffness*paralyses and motor aphasia*Migraine, headache.

Chronic Condition management *cardiovascular Disease*Osteoarthritis *Osteosis *Type 2 Diabetes &pre-Diabetes,*Prostates .

Preventive Health& Weight Control (Adults ).

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