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At the tender age of 6 years-old there was a dramatic change in my young life. Suddenly, I was hit with the affliction of total kidney shut-down (no urine production) health crisis. The diagnosis was nephrosis which is a kidney disease that unfortunately all too often came with a fatal prognosis. Thus I was put in a hospital bed with 6 shots a day and a blood test 3 times per week over a period of 10 ½ months. Mostly during that time 1/3rd of my weight was ascites (abdominal swelling) since I could not urinate even once during that entire hospital stay. Yet they were able to do a temporary remedy for the ascites with a turret of 6 needles every week that were penetrated into my abdomen to drain the toxic urea. Eventually, by age 7 years-old due to my condition deteriorating, I was sent home to die.

However, after returning home to be with my family, my dad insisted that my mom take me to a chiropractor doctor as a last resort. He told her that: “These kinds of doctors emphasize the nervous system. Maybe this is a neuro-spinal problem with silent killer kidney organ consequence.” He reasoned my lower back nerves might be irritated and/or “pinched”. Yet my mom retorted, “But our son has no back pain”. Being a former pre-med major she was skeptical about a neuro-spinal causation. However, my dad was adamant stating, “In my early 20’s I had experienced a worse state of my asthma as the air quality in Hamond and Gary Indiana deteriorated”. Initially his friend referred him to a top local chiropractic doctor. Apparently my dad refused to go because the nerve chart referencing the bronchi to the related spinal upper-back area never caused him any pain in that specific neuro-spinal referenced area. Finally, he got so bad that he had to do something so he went in. Accordingly: “Well after taking treatment on very short order my allergies and asthma quickly and completely vanished”. So he learned that at least some diseases have a silent neuro-spinal connection to vital organs as a legitimate cause and effect. He then restated: “Maybe our son has a similar situation but, in this his case with a true silent-killer (no pain) consequence, in the lower-back spinal cord area with the apparent fatal medical prognosis. “ Thus in utter desperation my mom agreed to take me to Dr. Beshir who after looking at the x-rays asked, “When was his back injured?” My mom replied, “The only injury that happened was a year ago when a bicycle rider ran into his back with the pain clearing up within a few weeks at that time” (as was predicted by the medical doctor). Dr. Beshir responded, “Even if a minor trauma, the untreated injured spine almost never forgets an injury and sometimes can develop neuro-spinal complications and/or possible serious sequellae (late after-effects)”.

Thus after examination of x-rays I receive my first chiropractic adjustment and felt a surge of energy even with the toxic urea swelling still present. After receiving of approximately 20 minutes in nutritional and dietary instruction, as we were about to leave, I had an urge to use the restroom. For the first time in 10 ½ months I was able to void a small amount of urine. Then two weeks later I was totally healed including all the abdominal swelling now urinated out. I am here today because of the neuro-chiropractic adjustments and in my case its connection to restoring the neuro-spinal vital organ kidney complex cause and effect.

Soon after I got well I received a chemistry set from my uncle Dr. Burg, the chairman of USC chemistry department, “Who used that position to turn the department into one of the nation’s best” (world famous if you will) as stated in the LA TIMES on November 22nd, 2003. Then too, helping to keep me on a science and math track where my highly educated uncles, most of whom who had PhD’s and who were also famous in the world of science. In that tradition I won the Chicago science fairs and like Dr. Burg I went on to the University of Chicago majoring in physical chemistry (matriculated on Illinois State academic scholarship).

However, also around that time I sustained a couple sports injuries and got fixed up again by my own personal chiropractor (Dr. Beshir); who incidentally reminded me just how cost-effective and pretty incredible holistic healthcare is when it is done right. Those results coupled with my original spectacular cure with natural care experienced at age 7 convinced me to change my career path.

So subsequently I changed my chemistry major to bio-physics as I prepared to enter the Chicago area renowned, second-to-none National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) to become a chiropractic doctor. I was amazed how many world-wide high-end pre and post medical students (approximated 25% of all admissions) were attracted to the NUHS institution. While there, I found myself fascinated by the inherent dynamic neurological aspect of the field. Thus I delved into the central nervous system (CNS) with its enormous potential for benefit in serious conditions. I especially had then and through to the present an insatiable interest and emphasize regarding CNS I (brain) CNS II (spinal cord) integrative neuro-mechanics for safe, cost-effective applications know-how. In that quest, I had added the study of quantum physics concepts as it relates to my acupuncture, clinical neurology, and therapeutic nutrition patient applications. In that vein, in over 20,000 plus cases, I have found in many of these serious maladies that disruptive-transformative multiple holistic personalized procedures are needed for real foundational healing to occur.

Of course, no doctor can know everything or even promise a cure, but if we accept your case, we will do our very best via the probability of weighted algorithms to get you as well as possible.



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